DON CHEADLE?!! Nah, we got someone better!!!! CASTING COUCH is BACK in ACTION!!!!

man, i’m thinking of three people. my first choice is to go go a little smooth, but could play the role better than freakin don cheadle and/or terrance howard. i’m gonna pick omar epps.

i know, too bad i can’t post a sexier pic, huh ladies? but most of epps roles have been about a guy who is always in the background and should have their time to shine.  just check the resume: JUICE, DEEP COVER, LOVE AND BASKETBALL……….that’s just to name a few.

the second choice is going to be tyrese gibson.

he has the swagger and cockiness to pull it off. just don’t give him too many lines, or he might overplay the part. don’t need BABY BOY mixed with Rome TOO FAST TOO FURIOUS from fucking up great dialogue scenes.

my third choice, and probably my favorite one, is gonna be morris chestnut.

he has range, has played just about every type of character you can play, including a bad guy. don’t make me go to imdb, open that tab for yourself.

as a bonus, this guy has played the background to C and D- list actors! don’t you think its his time to shine! an actual supporting role that is suited for him. don’t let a few bad movies pre-judge his talent. this man can hold his own in movies. and with the machine that is iron man, he’s bound to showcase his actual talent.

hell, anybody that can out-act steven segal’s martial arts (don’t act like i’m the only one who watched UNDER SIEGE 2 ) without even trying deserves to at least get looked at!

as a bonus, i’m gonna throw in blair underwood, too. i really think he’d have that calm, collective attitude but could get hood in a heartbeat on you. tell em, blair!

see, i can pick em! now, i gotta go look at some boobs and flush the half nekkid man pics out of my head!

casting call, out!!!!

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Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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6 Responses to DON CHEADLE?!! Nah, we got someone better!!!! CASTING COUCH is BACK in ACTION!!!!

  1. Jay says:

    Want a great way to RUIN Iron Man 2? Put Tyrese next to Robert Downey Jr! ha.
    Of all of your picks i think Morris Chestnut would pull off Rhodey the best – plus- he’d look the best in a War Machine armor! The other guys are either too soft looking or too small!


  2. friday says:

    i’m telling you. if tyrese doesn’t have too too too many lines, let’s say 1 per every other other scene, he’d be ok. if he just nods his head. but yeah, i’d definitely go with the morris chestnut pick.


  3. Jay says:

    Well – i think u solidified my point: Rhodey is actually an outspoken military man, who talks shit and ain’t afraid to stand up to Stark. And you mentioned it that when Tyrese has too much to say – he does what many amateur actors do and OVER-acts!! (yo, and his facial expressions be KIllin’ me!! lol)
    The fact that you would take a model-turnt-sanger-turnt-wannabe actor lol – and put him next to the one of the best actors of our time??? well… shit, now I’m liteweight offended!! lol lol

    Nahhh bruh – that Tyrese joint ain’t gonna fly. haha Get Chestnut on the horn ASAP!


  4. friday says:

    hollywood, you heard the man!


  5. Quiz says:

    Cheadle is the best choice, he has played in bigger more academy award winning movies than any of your choices and he is by far superior in his acting abilities to all of the above, including Howard.


  6. Friday says:

    don’t let the fact that cheadle has been in academy award winning movies cloud your judgement on the fact that morris chestnut could be a better choice. he’s been in some really good movies and could be looking for that role thats gonna re-start his career.


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