Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2 movie: “It happened very fast.”


Looks like ol’ Don Chee (Don Cheadle) will definitely play Jim Rhodes in the Iron Man 2 movie!





“I got a phone call from my agent saying they were offering me the part,” Cheadle said. “That was kind of it. It happened very fast, and I had a very short time to answer. Literally, overnight.


Read the whole interview here, at IGN.


U know how we guys here at 2 Comic Book Guys feel about this. Personally, I think neither Terrence nor Don are the right fit for James Rupert ‘Rhodey’  Rhodes AKA War Machine.




T Howard is just too smooth and soft-voiced a playa to do ‘militant Marine’…


– and Don Chee, well, frankly he’s a little guy! Rhodey the character is listed as 6’1, 210lbs. Don is like 5’9, 150lb! Physically, he is cast all wrong.


And Nothing against their acting abilities cuz’ they’re both very good actors. I loved Howard in ‘The Best Man’….and I love Don Chee in pretty much whatever role he plays.


But Jim Rhodes? Just. Not. Seeing it. 

Ay sorry, Don.


but U still the man tho.

Seems like Hollywood needs to get a handle on movie casting….

which is why 2 Comic Book Guys do the do when it comes to PROPER movie casting!  (Casting Couch sessions yo…Friday is mostly on point, just shy of genius! – but he has some questionable moments  lol)


SO, my questions is:




(Friday – get on it dawg!)




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