what it dew gents and gams…….

what? you didn’t think that you’d hear from me on this friday? hell to the nzzzzawwww, you were wrong!! i’m up in dallas to give you the first-hand scoop…..on absolutely NOTHING!! hahahahaahahahahaaaaaaaaa…….aaaaaa!!

i’m on a slight vacation. but i still can hit you with your weekly dose of random babblings and non-sensical musings of the apparent un-apparent. i don’t know what these words mean, but they’re in the websters dictionary.

but i tell you what. i’ve been watching some college games today…….i swear i never watched so much college sports in my life since moving to texas. they display sports on every level, down to high and middle school if the teams are doing well.

so hook em horns,

gig em aggies,

whatever the red raiders do with the pistols,

beat em baylor

(by the way, always continue that time honored tradition of suspending or expelling girls who show their nudie bits in the big 12 issue of PLAYBOY yearly. we only re-up our subscriptions when you do that).

 this was supposedly tatted on a baylor girl.

for the love of god, i spent about 2 hours trying to find a playboy pic of a baylor coed. mission aborted. i forgot what i was going to say about it. but just know that my dedication was at its fullest. you know, watching cartoon network right before the off air programming comes on is NOT the BEST idea. i’m not sure what the hell i’m watching. but there’s a pasty white dude and a naked blonde guy and there going to fight to the death. and i think that one of them is british or something. i should get a glass of chocolate milk or something.

its delicious and waaaaaay more tastier than white milk. i even eat cereal with it. except crunch berries. you cannot eat crunch berries with chocolate milk. my god, don’t do it. the berry goodness does NOT mix!!!!!!!!!


the good captain should slap you for doing it after I told you NOT to.

so here’s the thing. i know jay covered the punisher war zone. but did he tell you that after the movie we stood in the theatre and told every pussy who went and to watch  twilight to skip that and go catch the punisher? crazy thing is, i think one dude actually gave it some thought. 

“i don’t just suck blood!……”

like, “man, fuck this!! that’s an awesome idea!! if i wasn’t gonna get a piece of ass out of this, i would totally skip this fucking movie!” fyi, i’m not gonna go see, rent or purchase that piece of shit. you can’t turn a movie about vampires into a drama. but man, they cleaned up at the box office with the teeny boppers and the spineless dudes who caved. suckers!!

different flavors. pick yours.

yeah, i know its late. here’s a question i pose: why do they bleep out jon stewart on comedy central? its cable, people!!! friday, out!


punisher, bitches!!!!!


About Friday

Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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2 Responses to DALLAS EDITION T.G.I.F!!!!

  1. Jay says:

    Hang on….that root beer sucker? WIth the ‘frothy’ cream top? Thas lookin kinda good right bout now.


  2. friday says:

    i want some crunch berries, for real!


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