Throwback Thursdays Presents: Superman Vs DOOMSDAY!

Ahhh… remember the 1990’s?

  • ‘Yes, I remember them well!’
  • ‘No, Jay u dipshiz – I’m only 19!’
  • Sure do. I was incarcerated!
  • Yeh. And, so?

Ok…well remember COMIC BOOKS in the 1990’s?? With the dozens of holofoilcovers, hundreds of new books, and millions of printings?! Yeh those crazy 90’s were…well… crazy! And nothing was more insane than when Superman got his boy-scout arse-age handed to him by the monster known as



Ahhhh the mem’ries!

Doomsday! that ultimate baddazz!

DOOMSDAY! – that Big, Huge, Gigantic, Bony, Nasty Fothermucker that lives to destroy shit!!

DOOMSDAY! – A creature gentically created to adapt and evolve each time he ‘dies’. A lifeform that has been destroyed thousands of times- each time coming back stronger than before! And each ‘rebirth’ carried with it the memories of each agonizing death. (And You thought YOUR childhood sucked!)

DOOMSDAY! – He eventually lands on Earth – and in a colossal fight – the entire Justice League proceeds to get Ho-Bitch!-slapped by Doomsday with one hand tied behind his back!!

Then Superman (as usual) shows up as the cavalry and gets his ass handed to him!

WHAM!! Whats that, Supes? Bony protrusions got yer tongue?? lol


The monumental battle lasts for at least 2 issues – and after fighting to a standstill, Superman does stop Doomsday – by sacrificing his own life! They eventually kill each other with simultaneous blows.

All the press were going BUCKWILD back then! – treating this like it was real: Newsweek, Time, major newspapers, etc… And there was no innernets yet, BUT- best beleeve it woulda been on the front page of Yahoo! fo sure

What followed afterwards was some foul shiz!! KILLING SUPERMAN?



BURYING SUPERMAN?! Yo! U just don’t kill and bury Superman – the hell is wrong with u guys, DC???

They damn near had a young brotha in tears!

Nah, not really…. BUT STILL! Gotta give DC Comics credit tho for having the HEUVOS of pulling a coup de grace and Offing their flagship homey! Cuz Up to that point – all they had going for them was this, and this… which wasn’t BAD per se… but Marvel Comics and then-upstarts Image Comics were killin em back in the Nintey-now!

*snarf!* One.

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