THOR MOVIE CASTING UPDATE: Kevin McKidd is still up for Thor!!


Rumors around the net have been Kevin McKidd has landed the title role in THOR adaptation.

The news comes as his ROME co-star Ray Stevenson landed the lead in another Marvel property, THE PUNISHER, for which a sequel is being produced which will be directed by Lexi Alexander (GREEN STREET).

At the Punisher: War Zone premiere, IGN caught up with McKidd and asked him whether or not he is still up for THOR. McKidd confirmed for IGN that he’s still a contender for the lead role and that there’s been “a lot of back and forth” about the project of late, but that nothing has been determined. He also acknowledged that Kenneth Branagh is directing it, a choice that, as he told IGN, makes him even more excited about the film.

Is this casting as brilliant as choosing Heath Ledger as The Joker? No, not in my opinion.

Yes, I like him in Journeyman, but THOR?


When I see this:

I don’t think of that:

Even at his best effort at portraying a long haired, rough looking dude, I still have to pass.

When I think of THOR, I visualize something like:

Though Brad Pitt might be too old and too cheesy for the fans.

So how about Triple H as Thor?

Then again it is a THOR movie and not something something movie featuring no-speaking-role having THOR in the background. So next!

I also like Friday’s idea:

Dominic Purcell as THOR!!!

All in all, there are so many actors in Hollywood who will make a better Thor than Kevin McKidd.



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2 Responses to THOR MOVIE CASTING UPDATE: Kevin McKidd is still up for Thor!!

  1. Nomad says:

    McKidd would be a GREAT Thor! As much as you don’t think he has the look, I think he definitely does! And guess what else? He can also ACT! What a concept!


  2. Jay says:

    Hey Nomad – no one here questions McKidds ability to attempt Thor – I actually loved his show ‘Journeyman’. I just don’t see this guy bringing The God of Thunder to the big screen. Screen presence. It’s all about screen presence.


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