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Bronze Age Marvel Comics: UNCANNY X-MEN #135 -First Full Dark Phoenix! John Byrne 9.2 NM

Marvel Comics: UNCANNY X-MEN #135 1st Full Dark Phoenix! :: Art: John Byrne Writer: Chris Claremont Condition: 9.2 NM (click here for comic condition grading system) ::: PRICE: $45.00 **Make an offer and get it for less.** Click here for more info>> :: :: :: **Great Service, Low Prices, Reliable Grading** Read Our Feedbacks here>> :: ::

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HEROES SPOILERS: ‘The Eclipse, Part 2 II’ – Episode 11 – More Sneak Peek Trailer(s)

EPISODE 3×11 The Eclipse Part II Another sneak peek for the episode 3×11 of Heroes has just been released. It shows a scene featuring Hiro, Ando, Sam and Frak. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: SPECULATIONS of FANS AROUND THE NET Sandra Bennet will die in this episode making H.R.G. abandon his morals. The reason H.R.G. is taking revenge on Sylar is his attack

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