Throwback Tuesday Presents: Daredevil Vol 2 – The Brian Michael Bendis run.

For this edition of Throwback, I wanted to come with something special – something worthy of the ‘2 Comic Book Guys’ name. Then it hit me… One of The greatest run of comic books in history….

The Daredevil Vol 2 run by Brian Michael Bendis!


Do yourself a favor – try to Get ahold of every issue of DAREDEVIL Vol. 2 written by Bendis. It is one of the best comic book storylines you will ever read. EVER..

Seriously? I’m not even a Daredevil fan. In fact, I can’t even remember why I picked these particular books up. But I can say that writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev – those cats took Daredevil to a whole new level of gangsta! We’re talking HBO-quality material! this was better than ANYTHING on televison at the time! (except Sopranos lol)

For those who never read or even HEARD of this historical run – I’ll try my best to hit on the main points.

First off:



GANGSTA! Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) is the most feared ‘non-powered’ person in the Marvel Universe. And there have been attempts on his life in the past, but nothing this up-close and personal! ENTER SILKE. Silke decides that its time for a new sheriff in town. He assembles a willing group of underbosses to take down The Kingpin of Crime! And maaaaan, They do a Julius Ceasar number on him! But wait – Now Kingpin’s ex-henchmen want their piece of the pie and take down SILKE’S MEN! Silke quickly turns BITCH, and runs to the FBI for protection….


dd32 dd35

And what does Silke trade in return for Fed protection?

MATT MURDOCK IS DAREDEVIL! (At this point this series gets SO MUCH BETTER).Thats the headlines all over New York. Matt’s world is turned upside-down and inside-out! Papparazzi are camped outside his home; He has every low-level crook, thug, and supervillain gunning for him; people want to sue Matt $100s of millions for property destruction, fraud, vigilantism, u name! Life just got harder for a super-‘G’.


dd45 dd461

The FBI are all over DDs azz! Pretty much everybody and they momma’s momma thinks/knows that Daredevil is Matt Murdock and visa-versa!With Kingpin out of the way, who runs the New York crime world?  The answer?- no one. But the Owl makes a feeble attempt. And he floods the streets with a manufactured super drug called MGH -or- Mutant Growth Hormone.

And admist all the chaos, Matt meets a gorgeous woman (Milla – also blind) and decides to marry her.



This is where things get real hype!)

Matt/ Daredevil –sick n’ tired of the bullshit-  beats the CRAP outta’ Kingpin, Bulleseye, Typhoid Mary, and every crook in town -AND declares himself the new Kingpin!

YES – Daredevil is now the KINGPIN of NY. That is nuts! Family and Friends fear that Matt has finally cracked and is having mental breakdown. Even worse – his superhero buddies are pissed off at him – all of Hell’s Kitchen villains have moved to THEIR neghborhoods. Sweeeet!



at this point, Matt is emotionally drained. He joins an underground church support group where all involved share their accounts of meeting Daredevil. He reveals his true identity to them. A C-List villain appears, stronger than ever. DD discovers that a succubus – a host demon – is loose in the city! And even worse, he cannot see it!


dd82 dd84

Forget Fox’s ‘Prison Break’!

An incarcerated Wilson Fisk frames DD – who also ends up in prison! The FBI want Daredevil in the same cell, hoping they off each other. While being locked up, best friend Foggy Nelson gets fatally stabbed the fucc up – and there’s nothing Matt can do about it! AND – if that’s not wild enough for you – The Punisher decides to crash the party!!

Maaan – u know what??? I’m gonna stop right here. This amazing story continues at the breathless pace for another 20-odd issues! AGAIN – If you’ve never read a DAREDEVIL book in your life TRUST JAY – do it now. you really missed out on something special. But never fear!….

Some of these hard to find 1st print issues can be found in our partmer Ebay store Grand Central Comics and also the hardbacks can be found on Would make a great Christmas gift, dontcha think?


-jay, the main man.

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