Power Girl is Marisa Miller!!!!! exclusive casting couch special!!

so, i scour the ends of the internet for pics for phenomenal casting, and i came across this one:

ah, yes, the delicious and lovely Marisa Miller. i know she doesn’t have much acting experience if any at all, but i thought to myself; i said, “self? who’s boots could this lovely beauty fill? so i do some research. dig DEEP into the archives of comic bookedness and came up with THE DEFINITVE PERFECT ANSWER AND CASTING: ms miller here is being cast to play the voluptuous POWER GIRL!!!! i shall now post pics for comparison……….here:

two more pics for the horndogs out there:

yes, fellas, that’s actual wallpaper size. feel free to copy and paste as your own. now check it, marisa’s got the body, the looks, again. i don’t know if she can act, but really, do ya WANT power girl to talk? HELL NO! she’s just here to look good and whip some ASS! you roll up those sleeves girl and go get em!

anybody out there who disagrees with this

deserves to have his tongue cut out. even feminists and lesbians are like, “wow, he really hit the nail on the head here!” this girl is just absolutely beautiful. i keep staring at this picture like this:

hollywood, i want my MOTHA FUCCIN’! MOVIE CHECK!!!!!!

About Friday

Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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3 Responses to Power Girl is Marisa Miller!!!!! exclusive casting couch special!!

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  2. JohnnyV says:

    Dude, you cut off two of the images! WTF!?


  3. friday says:

    i fixed it for you buddy. enjoy!


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