HEROES SPOILERS: Season 3 – Can Sylar Transfer Abilities?

Knowledge is power!

Read this article (thank you, heroestelevision!) and go brag to your friends that you are now blessed with the ability to foresee the future! (of course, don’t tell them about the article..)


Can Sylar Transfer Abilities?

Heroes Producers Have The Answers

Here’s the another set of question&answers from Heroes producers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite. To read the whole interview (it’s big )head over to Comic Book Resources.

In the episode entitled “War,” will there be a definitive “Heroes win” or “Villains win” ending to this story, or will it be more ambiguous?

There will be buildings blowing up – that’s definitive, right? Like the end of our previous two volumes, we’ll put some stories to rest, and maybe even some characters. But we wouldn’t want a clear cut ending like “heroes win,” that would be boring, wouldn’t it?

  • We haven’t seen the last of Usutu

Will we find out which of the Heroes were born with powers and who’s were artificially induced?

Most all of the older generation is “natural” as the formula – we will learn a little more about the formula’s origins in the upcoming episodes.

Is Sylar’s power the only one to come with side effects like the Hunger?

Most all of these powers have side effects, although the hunger may be the most overt. Peter almost overloaded when he tried to get a grip on his powers while training with Claude. Jessica emerged as a side-effect of Niki’s super-strength and emotional weakness. Isaac believed he needed Heroin to see the future. And Mr. Muggles, well that’s a tale for another time…

Will we ever find out if Adam has any descendents out there?

Yes. But not this season.

Why is Arthur so scared of anyone that can dream about him or see into the future? Is this the key to stopping him?

Exactly. It’s the only real wild card. The bet laid plans of mice an men, no matter how well conceived, are vulnerable to the dreams and visions of any mouse or man who can see the future.

If Arthur dies, what happens to all the powers he has absorbed? Do they die with him, or are they returned to the original owners?

They die with him. He’s not the arc of the covenant.. You really want Peter to get his powers back, dontcha? Well, it’s not gonna be that easy.

Was Linderman being genuinely altruistic when he helped Angela, or was it just a power play?

You never know with Linderman, do you? Even at his most altruistic he always has a method. And Angela was helping Linderman in his plot to destroy NYC.

Will we ever get to see Linderman again? Did Arthur faked his death?

You never know with Linderman, do you?

Can Sylar transfer abilites, like HRG said: ‘The ability to transfer abilities from one vessel to another is very rare.’ ?

No, but he’s going to do something tonight a little different.

  • Lindermann can’t “heal” powers, only memories. Keep an eye out for exactly that sort of action in episode 12 “Our Father.”
  • We’ll see Puppeteer again in an episode 13 — “War,” written by Jeph Loeb. Stonehenge. And he’ll most definitely have at least one appearance in the next volume: “Fugitives.”





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1 Response to HEROES SPOILERS: Season 3 – Can Sylar Transfer Abilities?

  1. Jay says:

    I think its cool that Sylar can control his hunger. But I REALLY wanted to see him eat brains!!!! lol

    Who thinks that Claire is a decendant of Adam?! ‘Adam’ – first man, 1st Hero – holla!


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