WHAT IF?…….Blade worked at an anti-tanning salon? How funny would THAT be?

you want some SPF DEATH?!! my god, that’s hilarious on SOOOOO many levels (get on one and figure it out). couldn’t you see some vampires who weren’t aware of his goth-inspired “Haven for Vamps” come in, thinking they can get away from the sun for 12 hours or so come dawn, but after blade gets a full house, and they get comfortable and sleepy, he turns on the 1000 watt uv lamps cleverly hidden in each box and cooks them!!!


think of the money he’d save on bullets! he could put more gas in his souped up muscle car and not have to ride the crotch rocket AS much! could you see the looks on some of his customer’s faces?







WHAT IF?……..the HULK was really a guy named Milton Waddams and not some scientist named Bruce Banner?

and every time his boss came through with more work, changing cubicles, and taking the almighty stapler, a little piece of milton is destroyed until……….

exactly how many more times after THIS happens will they actually ask ol’ milton to do ANYTHING?

still feel like asking for a stapler?

WHAT IF?…………….She-Hulk was a stripper?

About Friday

Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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