WILL FERRELL in Knight Rider Movie: Casting Couch Special…….yes!!

[Jay – The following was a brainstorm from 2 Comic GuysDumpling threw out the wildest idea – turns out it was pure genius.]

 People say, “Friday, your casting is crazy! where do you come up with these magnificent ideas and FLAWLESS casts for un-made movies?!”

I tell them, ‘I was raised in the 80’s! If I had the currency and/or capital to finance big-budget Hollywood blockbusters? then that’s what I’d do’.

-And i’d be damn good at it. why hire writers to write movies about characters they don’t feel they have a personal connection with?

Why not just have the actual comic creators and writers themselves write these stories?

so today, we present to you a left-field casting:




(cue cheesy theme music……..now!!!!)

Now, we know they have the show on NBC. But why not have a blockbuster by turning THAT piece of garbage into something worthy of making real change?

let’s turn it into a comedy!!!!

Now, we’ll keep KITT as the same car we grew up with from the 1980s. We’ll keep him, but we’ll add some modifications that AREN’T way out there (a car that can change colors, and body shapes? seriously, NBC? that’s the best you got?).

But we’re changing the driver. We’re not keeping what’s his face. we’re talking comedy here.

And the best person to replace this man:

is this man, right here! WILL FERRELL!!


Tell me this script isn’t begging to be written Right NOW! Hell, i’d keep the cheesy intro music for the promo, just to tease the audience, slowly pan out on the front of KITT…

keep panning…..

and then you see Will Farrell leaning up against the car…

trying to look cool with that goofy grin of his!!!

He tries to open the door. REPEATEDLY.

(peep this script, ha!  -Jay)

Will: Okay Kitt, that’s enough. Let me in.

Kitt: [silence. We just see those iconic lights flashing back and forth – ‘whoo whoooo…whooo whooo’!]

Will: Kitt? C’mon now. you’re making me look…hehe, kinda silly in front of all these people!

K: [silence]

W: Ok, i get it. Ha! Ha ha… It was funny. You’re the smart car – I’m the dumb human driver. I GET IT. Now – let me in.

K: [nothing]

W: (going into one of his famous rants) Okay look, I swear I am going to FORCE THIS DOOR OPEN if you don’t let me in right NOW!

K: [silence]

W: Dammit, KITT! I swear if you don’t let me in I will KICK YOU! I WILL kick you! Swear to God! Awesome paint job and all, I will KICK you! [violently jiggling door handle]

K: [door STILL won’t open]

W: KITT! For the love of GOD, people are watching us!! let me in or I will slash your tires!!

K: Michael, my tires will automatically re-inflate.

W: THEN I WILL repeatedly RE-SLASH them!!!

As the promo fades to black, you hear him grunting and yelling at KITT, and KITT remains silent and in firm control. then the date appears for the movie premier.

(dude, that is beautiful!  -jay)

for shits and giggles, i’m gonna cast the legendary, one and only Michael Caine as Devon:

just to add that sense of seriousness, and deadpan humor, like in the Austin Powers’ movies he was in.

Let’s have current comedy king Judd Apatow write it, and featuring his buddy from talledega nights, John C. Reilly for that extra comedic PUNCH as the driver of the FLAG mobile unit!………..

KNIGHT RIDER movie, you have just been given the green light.



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1 Response to WILL FERRELL in Knight Rider Movie: Casting Couch Special…….yes!!

  1. Yesse says:

    I actually have been thinking bout times many many times.This really should be done.A TV series or a movie, but a comedy version of Knight Rider.Will Ferrell looks alot like David Hasselhoff and it would really be much more than worth watching.


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