X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie casting – Why a Bunch of C-List Actors?!

One of the most anticipated movie of 2009 on my list is

X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

And I thought that the rest of the world would agree with me until I came across this dude’s blog:

Your Guide To Not Giving a Flying Fuck.

I won’t even bother linking his blog. Why should I send him traffic, right?! (A woman’s scorn is a bitch! Woop woop!)

His reasons?

  • The cast consists of a bunch of C-List actors.
  • The characters are too obscured and unknown.

Obscured and unknown characters? Tell you what! If you don’t know Deadpool, Gambit, Beak and Sabretooth, you are not qualified to watch this movie!

Just for those who have no idea about the cast:

Here is a little excerpt from his blog:

Apparently the studio’s trying to nickel and dime on the casting (maybe you’ll see it in the effects?). Sure, actors always aren’t cheap, but hiring Will. I. Am? Have you ever seen this guy’s videos let alone heard his godawful music??……….

…….The new editions to the cast are the hobbit Dominic Monaghan who will play Barnell (aka Beak aka Blackwing depending on how much of a nerd you are), “a mysterious character from Wolverine’s past who has the ability to manipulate energy and electricity,” according to Variety (never heard of him). Nobody Daniel Henney has been cast as Agent Zero, apparently a good tracker [ed. most half-assed post ever?]

Here is my take:

With many Marvel movies coming out (Including THE AVENGERS which will be an all-star cast!), I can see why they can’t afford all A-listers to appear in all Marvel movies. The question is:

Is it necessary to have an all-star cast in the Wolverine movie?

Think about it, Wolverine has already made a name for himself in the X-Men Trilogy. Even with this Über -horrendous drawing, you know who ‘THAT thing’ is supposed to be:

That’s not my drawing. I’m Asian. Drawing a master piece is in our blood.

Also, X-Men Origins is a story about him and the weapon X. (Click here if you want to read about the Weapon X prior to the movie release)

For the above reason, I can see why the movie doesn’t need a bunch of big names to boost up the movie credibility.

And another thing, DANIEL HENNEY may be a ‘nobody’ to the American market, but to us Asian folks, he is quite famous. He is a Korean model/actor and fiiiiiiiine as hell!

He is definitely NOT a nobody.

Now whether he can pull off Agent Zero is another question (I mean think of Tyson Beckford as Black Panther. As yummy as he looks, him as Black Panther? *SHAKE MY HEAD*).

The man has been in a few Korean romantic dramas/movies. (…and yes, he is suave! *DROOL* DROOL*)

For him to play in an all-out action movie takes a lot of imagination. *SCRATCH MY HEAD*

I’d rather have this guy:

GERARD BUTLER as Agent Zero since A.Z. is actually German (Gerard can sure pull off a German guy). But with the mask on, nobody would know whether the actor is purple, green, blue or yellow anyway.

Then again if they can turn Liev Schneider:

to this:

and give Daniel Henney a few acting classes on how to be a badass, I’m sure Daniel’s Agent Zero will be alright.

BTW, thumps up on:

DEADPOOLRyan Reynolds

BEAK – Dominic Monaghan

SABRETOOTH – Liev Schreiber

(I’m glad they didn’t stick with that Wrestler. We need an actor not a wrestler!)


Even though I much prefer Josh Holloway as Remy LeBeau AKA Gambit

But young Taylor Kitsch will do.

With that being said, I am so ready for the movie!


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