Bad Boy Nerd Spotlight on: Wee Hughie (from ‘The Boys’)

Spotlight On:

Wee Hughie!

(Hugh Campbell)

1st appearance: The Boys #1 (2006)


Why we like: Another great creation from the twisted mind of Garth Ennis!

Hugh Campbell was a regular London bloke on the cusp of being blissfully in love.. weehughie2

Life was looking great!

Unfortunately, his girlfriend was literally smashed to a pulp by an errant speedster superhero.


( and you thought YOU were having a rough day??? Oy! )


This incredible tragedy results in Hughie joining a covert CIA squad called The Boys,  whose purpose is to keep a tight leash on the doings of superheroes -AKA- ‘capes’.



What makes it so bad is The Boys don’t mess around. What they do? –   Nothing nice!!
It’s a dirty, dirrrty, durrrrrrty job!
In fact, they are more fucc’d in the head than the people they have to deal with!
In this outrageous Garth Ennis world filled with superpowers, world powers, espionage, orgies, sadism, torture, and sheer madness  –
Wee Hughie is clearly way in over his head...
Which is EXACTLY why we like this guy! :o)



From all of us here at 2 Comic Book Guys – Wee Hughie, we salute you!


Moment(s) of fame:

  • Holding on to his true love. More specifically, holding on to her detached arms..
  • His first kill as one of The Boys.
  • Rescuing a hamster from …. well, you have to see it to believe it!
  • Pleasuring his new gf – while she is menstruating!
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