More SUPERB casting couch PREDICTIONS!!

Dear Fanboys and Fan-ladies:

you all know me. you all love me. i cast these un-made movies with the best of them.  one day, i’ll be working alongside some famous hollywood director, or casting director extraordinaire myself. so today, i am going to cast another great un made movie. hell, i might cast two or more!! its just one of those days today! schnoogans!

just want to say, i’m racking my cranium cavity, aka brain cage to find perfect guys and gals who could properly fit in those tight spandex outfits, and still be able to deliver lines with stellar accuracy. so who, oh who, could play, say, the one and only…………Black Panther!!!!

now, the rumor mill is a buzz with all kinds of speak about wesley snipes eyeing this role. dude, no. you’re out of the game, and out of your mind. your straight to video collection? not feeling it.  wesley_snipes_mugshot.jpeg you are blade. go back and give us a better part 3, and then we can talk. you still owe me 2 hours!!! so, i have two VERY, VERY more than qualified candidates to play the role of t’challa. one is jimmy jean-louis, best know for his role as the haitian on that wildly popular show, heroes. now, dumpling covers that area, but we’re all fans. or you wouldn’t be visiting on this site, now would you?

tell me this dude doesn’t have the build. slim, toned, and the accent adds depth. but if you want me to truly cast an african, then my second choice will cement it FOR REAL. and my second choice is……..








 THIS MAN RIGHT HERE!!!! Djimon Honsou!! yes, mr. kimora lee simmons (just a joke) is absolutely PERFECT for the role!! depth, physique, the africa-black skin tone…….did i mention that he’s from Africa???!!! snipes, you have no chance!! and if i had actually read the wikipedia page about him, i would’ve already known this and could’ve cast another cominc book!! oh well, you got some pictures…….

fuck it, i’m casting another heroine!

so, i’m digging through the archives, and i come across a heroine i’ve always had a personal “crush” on. i mean, i know comics aren’t real, but in my head, hell, i can climb walls, right? anyone with me on this? anyone? well, the super sexy seductive lady i’m casting today is gonna be Ms. Emma Frost, the WHITE QUEEN.

 honestly, i had a serious crush on her. even as a villain when i was a young comic book reader, a young fan boy, i’ll admit it. i bought anything with her on the cover, because the artists who penciled the books, were perverts, just like me. hell, she was the absolute first woman i drew naked. ok, my obsession is a little much, but let’s move on. the actress i would love to see play her is………..


Megan Fox. OH……..MY………GOD……….i need a moment……i scoured the ends of the earth (and two pages on google images) to find this one.

 now, originally, i was thinking ali larter.

 i mean, hell, she looks like she was the model for emma!! like the artists took a pic of her and from that cast, found themselves the living embodiment of ms. frost herself! don’t believe me? here’s a side by side:

well, i couldn’t get the side by side to work. i must be sleepy today. but i have another casting for ali. one that’s gonna blow your MINDS!!!! megan fox for white queen, ladies and gents!

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Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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