We here at 2 Comic Book Guys (and Dumpling) would like to say to everyone across the globe – IT’S A CELEBRATION, B*TCHES!!!! Without doubt this is the single most exciting and happiest day of my young life!!

When those Western states electoral results popped up on the screen and that West Coast turned BLUE (looking like a Crips takeover! lol ) – and they made the official announcement –  Folks, I damn near burst into tears!!

I opened my balcony door and screamed at the top of my lungs  ‘BARACK OBAMA IS THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!!”

It was a moment that HAD to be viewed as it happened! I’m just happy, thrilled, and fortunate that I ACTUALLY WATCHED history unfold – as it happened! When I’m an old senile fart, I can always look back and say,

‘I remember when…’

Wow. Let the Obamamoon begin!!!  :o)

One comment

  • and his first order of business is to appoint me to chief party planner. i can order the good chips, the tastiest sodas for mixing up the drinks, and the trinkets to pass out to the rich and wealthy! can’t wait till he appoints me to the highest position behind chief of staff, sec state, sec defense, vice presidito, joint chiefs, his wife, the senate, the cia, fbi, the dept. of agriculture, and everyone else from local and state governments on down…….then me!!!! get ready!!


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