Friday’s Casting Couch: Gen 13 – Fairchild!!


you know you waited a long time for it………yes, i am touching an image comic today!! i just so happened to be surfing the inter-web, and came across a pic of a heroine that ABSOLUTELY HAD TO BE CAST. so today ladies and gents, i bring to you…….the one…..the only…….the oh so lovely and exotic………beauty pales beyond comparison……….FAIRCHILD!!!!!!!

you all know her, most of you love her. regardless of whether or not you think this is a well written mag, you know you stop and peruse the covers for two things: skimpy outifts, and those bodacious ta-tas!! just peep the pic below…….

 see what i mean? that’s a play on an old cover that JANET JACKSON was originally on.


but i digress. i’m getting away frome the point. the point is, if there were enough interest to see a hot, sexy redhead in skimpy reavealing outfits who’s damn near impenatrable (no pun intended), then this movie’s for you. storyline? do ya really need one? plot? seriously? rising and falling action? c’mon now, people!!! that comic is a horndog’s dream to write or pencil for. so here it goes. my pic for fairchild, sexy girl of gen 13 is………..

Christina Hendricks. If you don’t know who she is, look no further. i have provided a delicious pic of her.

 natural Redhead? check. GREAT BIG BOOBS FOR THE HORNDOGS? check, and check! gotta do it twice. now, i’m not too familiar with her body of work (gotta stop that), but she’s got the three qualifications too get the ball rolling on the movie. acting, body, and looks. i’ll have to do more research on her later, but here’s a quick side by side for you.


About Friday

Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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