Halloween Costume Ideas: Japanese Cosplay FINAL FANTASY & KINGDOM HEARTS Edition –

Yes, Cosplay is taking over! Well, at least here at 2 Comic Book Guy’s.

Jay asked me if I could find Final Fantasy Cosplayers. What a geek! Next up, he would want me to find Ms. Pac-man cosplayers. TSK!

Anyhow, I’ll be nice and fulfill his wish (maybe he’ll buy me a bowl of noodle soup! ) Shoot, what the hell, I’ma go ahead and put up some Kingdom Hearts cosplayers, too, since some of the FF characters also appear on KH (dude, I want 2 bowls of noodle soup for this!)

For all the Final Fantasy


Kingdom Hearts


**click on the image to enlarge**


Tifa Lockheart (damn, the coplayer looks badass!)

Another Tifa Lockheart; A+++++…++

More of Tifa Lockheart

Is that Blossom in Tifa costume?!

Tifa Lockheart and Reno -movie version-

For those, who don’t know, this is how Tifa is supposed to look….not that up there^^^^

Reno & Tifa

Cute attempt! B+ Love Reno’s hair though.


Yuna and Tidus


No, this is not just a promo screen saver. That right there is a real person! Badass!


Nero The Sable


After reading my entries on Cosplay, do NOT dare calling this a costume!

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2 Responses to Halloween Costume Ideas: Japanese Cosplay FINAL FANTASY & KINGDOM HEARTS Edition –

  1. Jay says:


    Dumpling, you made my day with this posting. I think I might develop a fetish for chix dressed as FF characters! hehe
    but seriously, the Tifa is unreal, looks just like her. And the X-2 Yuna – Daaaaayum! The Riku is cute as well. Huge ups to the Sora AND MAJOR props to the Anti-Sora!

    Dammit, I’m moving to Japan!

    BTW, the ‘Blossom’ Tifa gets a serious “Annnt!”. ha


  2. faza says:

    tifa is best………………………..^_^b


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