DEATH NOTE COSPLAY: Halloween Costume ideas!

Before I start posting pics of Death Note cosplay, let me say this real quick: WHY THE HELL did they think Zac Efron would be a good Light?! (Click here to take a poll: Do you think Zac Efron should play Light Yagami? )

YES, that Zac Efron from Snorefest High School Musical! Yes, that pretty-faced dude from HSM. Telling you what, he will tank it just like what Bush did America for the past 8 years.

Well, here see it for yourself:

He kinda resembles Light. I give him that. But man, the vibe is missing! Dude does NOT have that vibe! If anyone has ever watched the Korean version of My Sassy Girl, ya’ll would know that the Hollywood version with Elisha Cuthbert sucks a$$ so bad! And Death Note starring Zac Efron won’t be any different.

Why can’t Hollywood leaves the remaking of Asian movies the f**k alone!??!

They just can’t seem to capture the essence, the feeling and the vibe of Asian movies. There is a reason why Asian film makers do not attempt to remake Dark Knight Returns and such because we know and we respect the movies as they are. Anyhow, enough ranting on my part. Enjoy the Cosplay!

McRyuk -apparently, McDonald just fired Ronald McDonald.


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2 Responses to DEATH NOTE COSPLAY: Halloween Costume ideas!

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  2. Georgia says:

    All the Misa cosplays are done by the same person, T^T Its all Kipi. I was hoping for some variety.


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