HEROES SPOILER: EW Article – Why Some Fans Are Unhappy –

I have come across an EW article about our HEROES show by Jeff Jensen. It is quite interesting to read different point of view about the show which I think is awesome. Jeff Jensen, however, disagrees.

In the article, he points out different reasons to why Heroes might not be as good as we think. It was even stated in the headline that the rating has gone down. But here is the thing: the show has a HUGE fan base that still loves watching the show and feels that it iss actually getting better.

Personally, I agree with Jeff Jensen that the show indeed has a bit too many heroes and blondes ( hehehe gotta throw it out there). Nevertheless, I love the theme of this season where the line between good and bad, giving a certain circumstance, can be crossed at anytime.

Well, here is the 5-page article, enjoy:


Sylar – There might be be an upcoming information that may give us clues to who Sylar’s Baby Momma might be.

Hiro – An upcoming encounter between Hiro and Arthur Petrelli leaves Hiro’s mind a mess. Ando has to teach him anew how to be a hero.

Claire – She will be paired with Elle.

Elle – Past connection between Sylar and Elle will be revealed as well as a new twist on Sylar’s power. Arthur Petrelli will bring Sylar and Elle together.

The Petrellis – Peter, Nathan and Gabriel will choose sides in the November 17 episode. Why Angela would be willing to kill her own children and vast amounts of people will also be revealed.


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