2 Comic Book Guys Spotlight On: The Molecule Man!

Spotlight On:

The Molecule Man!

(Owen Reece)

1st appearance: Fantastic Four #20 (vol. 1)

Why we likey: Like? I F*CKIN’ love this guy! Owen Reece is the quintessential, low esteem LOSER – aaaaaaand he happens to be the most powerful human in the entire Marvel Universe!

Through some freak 1960’s radioactive lab accident, Owen gained control all forms of matter and energy down to the sub-atomic level. THE SUB-Atomic level! (that’s smaller than a Chinese guy’s dilzzack! ha) We’re talking about a guy that can rearrange an entire galaxy just by thinking about it and waving his hands!

But what I really dig about ‘Owie’ is that he represents every Nerd’s complete fantasy come true – ultimate domination and revenge on all of their oppressors! As far as uber-nerds go, Bill Gates ain’t got SHIT on the Molecule Man! Sure Bill is worth $50B, -BUT-

can Bill Gates drop a 150 BILLION-Ton mountain range on dat superhero azz?


Has Bill Gates ever transported an entire city through a temporal wormhole thru space??? Noooooo! Sheeeit, Bill can’t even get his own OS working right! But I digress…

So back to the lovable Molecule Man.

Just how powerful is he?

He once went toe-to-toe with The BeyonderAND WON.

(Note: The Beyonder is a god in his own universe. In fact…he runs the IS the entire universe! -jay)

Any dude who can take on a GOD? ….is A-Ok in my book. Here’s the deal – Owen is not really a villain; he’s just ‘severely misunderstood’ (kinda like Sylar from Heroes).

u know, Had his issues early on. Got some psych help. Got some redemption. DEFINITELY the guy you want on your team. (cuz lawd knows u don’t want to go up against him!)

Owen Reece –

momma’s boy.

Low self-seteem.

Insecure like a muthafucca!

And still managed to bag a 6’5 GF who has the power of a volcano! (the apropo named Volcana)

(one seriously hot lady!)

Molecule Man – we salute you!

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