Japanese Cosplay puts Halloween Costumes To Shame!

Again, leave it to us ASIANS, to show the world that if you decide to wear a costume, make sure it is not just:


Let’s see, if the other side of the world also celebrates Halloween, we would get to see more of these:


Matter of fact, if you ever get a chance to go to Harajuku district in Japan, you might find yourself in your khakis and a plain T, weird and out of place. Harajuku is dedicated to individuality and creativity. You never know you might actually for walk into a ‘real-life-action’ Kakashi (Naruto)

-OR The Anti-Form Sora from Kingdom Heart II

The Japanese even went as far as devoting a district to cafes for the die-hard anime and Cosplay fans. Ha! That’s what I call LOVE right there!

But if you really really really want to see amazing costumes, Comiket is the event to attend! Comiket is the world’s LARGEST, I repeat, WORLD’S LARGEST comic convention!

It is held twice a year in where else, if not, TOKYO JAPAN! (these damn Japanese are so spoiled! I am so jealous! Grrrrr!!) Just to show how large is large:

……………….Well, ummm yeah…..that’s large.

You cannot seriously say that these:

are better than these:





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2 Responses to Japanese Cosplay puts Halloween Costumes To Shame!

  1. Jay says:

    OMG japanese Cosplay is IN-SANE!!
    Why do the japanese have to do everything so much better??? Props to them for taking ‘dress up’ to that Nth level.
    But that anti-Sora – off the chain, off da charts, off the hinges!
    MOre, moRe, MORE dammit! Or no noodle soup for you!


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