The very first WHAT IF?…….section!!!!!

what up, peeps! ya little marshmellows, you………this is the one. the place where the red and blue pill have been taken together and swallowed with larry fisburne’s sweat! GROSS!!! so i introduce to you…..


so, i got to thinking the other day, WHAT IF?………..

WHAT IF………magneto and cyclops owned a construction company?

who cares what they called it, but how great would that be? do you know how fast they could put up the frames of buildings? the new world trade center would be up in a little less than a year!!!! magneto could lift all the steel beams, cyclops could go and eye sodder them together…….classic!

WHAT IF……….superman was a prankster?

i mean, how great would that be if supes was just a total ASS!!!! think about it. if supes teamed up with, say, ASHTON KUTCHER

pulling off crazy pranks on not just celebrities, but ordinary people. he could have a youtube hit on his hands. i’d executive produce it. imagine….a couple valets the car, romantic dinner, comes out about to take it back to the house for a nightcap…….”where’s my car?” valets running around all crazy, but the car is on top of the building across the street….ashton and the cameras come running out, supes floats down behind the couple, laughing all loud and shit…..that’s t.v. GOLD!!!! you can’t beat that.

next up, professor x…… director!!!

About Friday

Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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