Throwback Thursday: Amazing Spiderman #197 -Kingpin’s brutal beatdown!

Throwback Thursday presents:

Amazing Spider-Man #197 (1979)

~Kingpin’s big-time beatdown~

– Okay, here’s the deal, we all know that Spidey and Kingpin have thrown down before, and its pretty formulaic how it turns out…but MAN! – this time Kingpin really puts them hands on Spiderman! I can’t really recall all of the details (its been awhile since I read it) but I do remember this: They go toe-to-toe for something close to HOURS; Ol’ Wilson Fisk smacks Peter around front, back, side to side! …to the window to the wall!

Maybe Peter’s little snide remarks and corny one-liners got under Kingy’s skin something fierce? ionknow. But what I do know is that Kingy damn near beat Spidey’s brains with a F**KIN’ SOFA. A SOFA!

By the time the dust settled, Peter is at Kingpin’s absolute mercy – when suddenly, wifey Vanessa Fisk comes stumbling in talks Kingpin out of it before finishing the job!

LOL! As brutal as this issue is I just found it sooooo hilariously ironic that Spiderman, with all of his vaunted powers and abilities, just caught a classic bare-knuckled, non-powered, ASS-stomping!

Damn, homey!

Other Spidey/Kingpin battles:

Amazing Spider-Man #51, 52.

ASM #60.

ASM #163, 164.

ASM #542. (Peter finally puts Kingpin down)

Hey, before I go – speaking of hilarious beatdowns, peep this MK video!!


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