Oh, yes, Matt Damon will be Captain America if I can have it my own way…. hehehehe

You may ask why I need to create another blog entry dedicated to “Who Should Play Captain America” when Friday has already made it known that he personally nominates Brandan Frazer to be Cpt. America.

The reason is plain and simple: LOOK AT HIM!

Look here, big guy. I might be just an intern and my English is not good, but dammit I am Asian and I am smart! . Ya’ll need to recognize! It is a known fact (according to Dumpling’s encyclopedia), Asians are logical thinkers by nature!

YES, SIR! YOU’d better recognize!

Ok..ok…don’t leave yet! We are still talking about Matt Damon as the perfect Captain America. Tell you what. This is a trick I learned from David Blaine. Make sure you follow the instruction closely:

  1. Open up your Captain America comic book, leave it in front of you, sit down and close your eyes.
  2. Repeat Captain America, Steve Rogers, Captain America, Steve Rogers 10x.
  3. In your head, use your imagination and transform those amazing images of Cpt. America from those pages into a real-life face.
  4. SHOUT: “OH DAMN, THAT’S IT!!!!” Open your eyes.
  5. BAM! What do you see?!


Tell me that is not Steve Rogers AKA Captain America.

Even before I heard about Captain America being made into a movie, Jay and I sat at Pho Thai son eating noodle soup and talked about whom we would cast to play different comic book characters.

I was working hard on brain storming while slurping on the broth: “who would be the perfect Cpt. America?” Then I blurted out: “MATT DAMON!

Jay looked at me with his big ol’ eyes and a mouth full of noodles: “UUggggg eeeeaahhh!!!!!!” , he shouted.

Oh BTW, Jay wants me to say this: that smooth-headed dude is not really Jay.

Using my common sense, I immediately managed to translate “uuuggg eeaahh!!” to “F-ck YEAH!!!”. There I got Jay -The Comic King-‘s approval!

*** So if Hollywood and Marvel somehow decide to cast Matt Damon, I want my cut! ***

Anyway, these are the reasons why I think Matt Damon would be the perfect man for this job:

  • Because he is Matt Damon.
  • He can act. He can be as scrawny as young Steve Rogers could be and as buffed as Cpt. America has to be. And the most importantly, he looks believable.
  • Dude can fight! Don’t believe me? Watch Bourne Ultimatum.
  • He doesn’t have the pretty-boy ‘modelesque’ face, but a simple average good-ol’ farm boy face. A face that most average people can comfortably relate to. A face of someone who could be from the late of 1910’s. and not from our era. A face of Steve Rogers.
  • He can be a badass if he wants to. *HINT* Bourne Ultimatum.

I have read a few opinions opposing Matt Damon as Cpt. America. One of them was: “But why Matt Damon. I can’t imagine Matt Damon commanding Johny Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) or Thor around.” Well, guess what, Jarhead. That’s the dilemma of The Avengers.


It is a group of superheroes who got together for a good purpose, but each of them has their own idea and way to do things. So there, Jarhead, you have answered your question.

As much as I want Matt Damon to play Cpt. America, there is one problem. Matt had spoken before that he would never consider being in a super hero movie (I guess his buddy who bombed Daredevil gave him that advice) and he would never play another role in like Save Private Ryan again.

But I believe in the biggest drive in the human genes: GREED! YES, GREED!

I doubt if Marvel and film studio offer him the biggest deal of his life, he would say ‘never’ again. TRUST ME on this, both of ya’ll, Matt Damon as Cpt. America will put Spiderman I to shame. (I don’t know if Dark Knight record will ever be broken by another comic movie.)

Next up: Who should not play Captain America>>


  • How times did I say MATT DAMON?

-:: DUMPLING :: –

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3 Responses to MATT DAMON IS CAPTAIN AMERICA!! – The First Avenger Movie

  1. Jay says:

    Yo Dumpling you knocked this joint OUTTA THE PARK!! Haha!
    I’m totally convinced that MD is Cap. And yes, lets not forget he’s already played a soldier in ‘Saving Private Ryan’ – so he’s halfway there.
    Noodle Soup is on me!

    FYI – the Cap holding the gun? Thats actually his partner, Bucky. But I wont spoil your fantastic blog with details. heh


  2. :: Dumpling :: says:

    that’s not really his hand holding the gun. If you watch closely that’s Bucky’s hand. haha!
    I think I will give a pair of glasses for X-Mas.


  3. Kane says:

    Bucky is Captain America now. Steve Rogers is dead


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