The Official Inaugural Green Lantern Movie Casting!!

Read more about the Justice League: Mortal movie starring Green Lantern >>

So here’s the deal: i’ve been charged with the all important mission of casting a movie that has been about 5 years in the making. and as will stated, we are gonna be casting green lantern. so first off, i’m not gonna cast golden age green lantern. i absolutely think that silver age hal jordan would make a much more interesting character to cast.

so here’s my pick for hal jordan in the official premier of silver age green lantern:

Dennis Quaid! that’s it. i said it. peep this: i know he’s gonna be appearing in the real life version of G.I. Joe, but c’mon, he’s the man for this one. The square jaw, the sandy hair, the middle age look, still physically fit.

(<– WOW!!! -Jay)

he’s the man for at least 2 or 3 sequels. i’m sure the masses would agree. i just need to post a side by side pic of the two for comparision. insert pics here.

bronze age green lanterns:

for Guy Gardner, i’m gonna with SCOTT CAAN.

(wow this guy’s face just screams ‘smug arrogant asshole’ perfect! ha -Jay) he’s got a little bit of the swag and the attitude that he needs to portray the absolute perfect Guy Gardner. c’mon, peep the resume: the ocean’s 11 movie and its sequels, varsity blues, gone in sixty seconds, american outlaws, for pete’s sake!! this one’s a lock in for sure.. he’s got the total package for the role.

for John Stewart, i’m picking Michael Jai White.

i know he’s already locked in as spawn, but give this man credit. he’s very seasoned. peep the small role in the dark knight. he’s known for playing bad guys, but he’s adept at playing most any role. check this: he played freakin MIKE TYSON, voice and all!! a relative unknown back then, and off the radar of many peoples lists! so he’s my choice, solid. insert pics here.

modern age green lanterns:

for the current green lantern (Kyle Rayner), i’m gonna go with Justin Long.

now, i know its a stretch, but casting josh hartnett’s depressing mug won’t cut it. its time to see him in a role that stretches his acting chops. i’m tired of seeing such an incredible actor in semi comedic roles. check accepted, live free or die hard, dodgeball….he’s the perfect kyle rayner. he could play kyle without even really acting. it would be so natural for him to play kyle and the real test would be acting like a superhero, and not a human representation as a mac book.

so that’s it. that’s the wrap up of the first edition of the casting couch. you may not agree with me, but these are just my thoughts. get your own, why don’t you. no, really, if you have a better suggestion, hit us up. later!

get on the grind, dc!!




Rapper Common has confirmed that he is gonna play Green Lantern in the upcoming ‘Justice League’ movie.

Ooooooh!…. -Jay

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1 Response to The Official Inaugural Green Lantern Movie Casting!!

  1. :: Dumpling :: says:

    OH FRIGGIN’ YES!!!!! Can’t wait to see Common in that tight tight tight spandex. 😀


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