IRON MAN 2 movie – Terrence Howard not James Rhodes? Don Cheadle is?!

Dude, are you f-ing kidding me? i’m not even sure i want to go see the next iron man? wtf? no, WTF? hell, what would jesus do? let’s just re-cast the only person qualified to play freaking tony stark? let’s just make the next movie ANIMATED!!! i read the e-news today, and heard about it on the radio, and jon favreau personally texted me the news himself: jim rhodes will now be played by DON CHEADLE. hey, i liked reign over me, i like the ocean’s series, i loved talk to me. but jim rhodes? i want DJay as my jim rhodes!!! terrance played him with such coolness, like he was just being himself. the confidence. the ease. he was jim rhodes.

you’re on deck, don cheadle. i got my eye on you. you better bring it. BRING IT!!!

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7 Responses to IRON MAN 2 movie – Terrence Howard not James Rhodes? Don Cheadle is?!

  1. Jay says:

    Yeh I hear u! Terrance always brings that certain savoiur faire to his roles lol but Don Chee ain’t no joke tho! Im still geeking off his ‘Petey Greene’ role on TALK TO ME! That was some cool shit!


  2. friday says:

    i’m not taking anything from the acting of don cheadle. but you gave me terrance howard first. its embedded in my mind now.


  3. :: Dumpling :: says:

    There is no doubt that Don Cheadle is a great actor. However, I cannot see dude as a super hero. NOOOOO WAY! He doesn’t look believable to me.

    I can’t believe they dropped Terrence!


  4. stew says:

    for one don cheadle is more of an actor of drama, all dialogue, not action. two i am more for people who can bare the personality and the physique of the character in question. don cheadle is too dark, too short and persona wise has no super hero attributes. Terrance howard on the other hand played the war machine prospect from the 1st iron man, fits the description of “James Rhodes”, and has been in movies that have more to offer than 90 minutes of pure conversation. I believe all together that terrance howard was the better choice. don cheadle is a awesome actor but for this type of movie, NO!!!
    thats like trying to get justine timberlake from singing love and grove music to becoming part of G-Unitand over throwing “Young Buck” or “Lloyd Banks”, dont see it ever happening…


  5. friday says:

    its really got nothing to do with the tone of his skin. cheadle could pull off jim rhodes…… a more dramatic version of iron man, or a standalone war machine movie.
    you’re right about the type of movie they shot. he’s not gonna fit. his action movie resume is slim, and had he been in the first one, i’d be more willing to believe him. terrance howard only had about 30 min. of screen time in the entire movie, but had me believing he was jim. so i’m torn between. i guess we’re just going to have to see what don cheadle can do in the next movie.


  6. Jay says:

    When I think of Rhodey I think of a big, deep-voiced, commanding officer to Yang Stark’s Yin. I really didn’t feel TH in that role either (soft-voice mofo!! lol) , but he managed.
    Cheadle is a heck of an actor -BUT- as a lifelong comic book guy I just do not ‘see’ Jim Rhodes when I look at Cheadle. No amount of makeup or acting can change that. Can we say “miscast”? He gon have to convince me!

    Another example of a terrible miscast role: Jessica Alba as Sue Storm Richards! WTF? – none of the OTHER capable natural blonde actresses were availble?


  7. friday says:

    that’s exactly my point. you got a mixed chick playing the blonde haired blue eyed sue richards. c’mon!!!! cheadle might not even fit the war machine suit!


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