Comic Book Casting Couch – DC Comics, WTF?

The Casting Couch

We’re gonna kick off our inaugural Casting Couch session with a major beef – DC Comics’ movies! Or better yet, total lack of. DC Comics…c’mon guys, seriously…u cats are sitting on a veritable goldmine of material for movies, and what do you give us? – Constant revamps of the same two guys over and over and over…and over!

Think about it, we are currently on our ELEVENTH incarnation of either a Superman or Batman joint! ELEVEN! Eleven fu**king films about the same two guys! Superman I-IV (4)


Superman Returns


Batman (1989)

(6), Batman Returns (7),

Batman-got-damn-Forever! (8),

Batman and Robin (9!!),

Batman friggin’ Begins (10!!),

and now the awesome Dark Knight (11!!)

I mean, what dick Warner Bros. Executive is in charge of movie decisions over at DC?

(oh, this guy? HA!)

We all know that DC has some sort of lifetime contract with Warner Bros, where only Warner can make DC movies. (Talk about a shitty deal). This is where Marvel totally owns DC Comics.

Marvel Comics is the WU-Tang Clan of comic book movies:

one big group of Superheroes who have their own individual deals. DC Comics, well… not so much.

One problem with DC is they stay in ‘Crisis’ mode. Since 1986, DC has had a damn Crisis every damn summer to the point that the timeline and continuity is complete shit; whats up with that, DC? And do we really believe that DC is on their ‘Final’ Crisis? BRNTT!! yeh I don’t either.

But there are some saving graces. DC does have a nice stable of characters. They just need to put those guys and gals to work for them. (By work, this does not include missions in the Multiverse). And they do have the financial muscle to make great movies happen.

Which is why Friday and I will do what DC Comics is apparently incapable of doing – bringing you the goods for DC Comics movies.

Hence – the Casting Couch’s first movie: Green Lantern.

Green Lantern is such a great story. Everyone likes the story of regular people being bestowed with super powers; look at the Heroes phenomenon. I figure that by now, DC missed out on a little over a hunnert $$mill by NOT making a GL movie. With that being said, tune in to the next Casting Couch….


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