All Hail, Heroes!!

I’m sure there is no need for me to introduce this awesome TV Show. After all, not too many shows can justifies the existence of my TV.

Jay knows how much I love this show. Despite my being FOB and my English being as good as Mr. Xing Xing from Mr. Wok Chinese Restaurant around the corner, Jay thought I was quite cute . So he lends me this blog space. What a generous guy, eh?

Ok, enough about me, let’s get back to the awesome show. I actually found a sneak preview clip of this Monday’s episode “Dying Of The Light”. But as usual, friggin’ Youtube deleted it a few hours after it has been posted. What a Major Bummer!

Anyhow, on this Monday’s episode of Heroes

  • Nathan and Tracy visit Mohinder;
  • Peter visits Pinehearst;
  • And Hiro gets an assignment. (I can’t believe dude killed his friend Ando!……….or NOT?)

On the clip, Peter in the Level 5 cell is laying on the medical bed. Sylar approaches him, wakes him up and tells Peter that he has to help him. Peter tells him to get away and Sylar says he wont hurt him. Peter tells Sylar that he already has and that he is just like him!!

Sylar says he is trying to change and that he thinks he can control it. Peter then explains to Sylar that he saw him in the future and that he was changed. Peter asks Sylar how he did it.

Sylar then tells Peter he doesn’t know but that it gives him hope. Peter yells he doesn’t want hope. Sylar stops him and says it is not about them and that their mom is in trouble and needs their help.

Who would have thought that Peter is going to turn into a monster and Sylar, on the other hand, is becoming an ‘angel’ (Gabriel, get it?). That’s why this show is the best of the best of the best . Once you thought you got the show all figured out, it completely leaves you in the cloud of dust like Usain Bolt did his ‘co-runners’ in Olympics 2008.

-:: Dumpling :: –

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