The first T.G.I.F!!!!!

what up what up what uuuuuupppppp??!! i freaking hate typing correctly, and this is my page, so guess what? i’m not gonna do it. spell check? not necessary here. and if i want to change the colors of the words, then dammit, that’s what’s going down ’round here. peep game, is anybody else ready for some crossover comic flicks, or am i just getting ahead of hollywood here? huh? we’ve got a few introductions out of the way. i know the world’s waiting on captain america. cool. me too. but can i get a daredevil (minus one ben affleck)/spiderman movie? you’re not ready, world. you’re just not ready.

good to see that comic book movies are finally getting their shine. it’s been too long for me, watching that garbage piece of Crapola Captain America back in the day, with its indie look and feel (i’m not knocking it, indie films can be great sometimes). Super tiny budget, and poor casting choices aside, its time for some big budget bank breaking pocket slaughtering blockbuster, kinda like the juggernaut that the dark knight was. but for marvel. not the ice cream, although it sounds delicious. nowadays, the comics are bringing out the heavy hitters to get you into the theatres (a comic conspiracy?) probably before they hit you with the second tier boys (night thrasher, anyone?). of course, you have these smaller production studios with the tiniest budgest casting d listers in their films (hasselhoff as nick fury? gettaouttahere.).

but enough’s enough. don’t want to turn you off my site too much in just the first post. remember, these are my thoughts. go think your own thoughts and spend hours typing with one hand and the other trying to play madden 08 online. or you just type that slow.

Friday the daywalker

About Friday

Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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