Review: ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ – Does it live up to the Hype? Read my review and find out!

30-Second Review!

As a comic book fan or movie lover you can’t ask for anything more! Epic, Daring, action-packed and emotionally fulfilling – comic book storytelling doesn’t much better than this! Zack Snyder delivers And THEN SOME! 4-hours flew by with each episodic chapter. I actually wanted more! 😀



THIS is what superhero movies are all about! Justice League: The Snyder Cut (from now on ‘Snyder Cut’) is everything we wanted and didn’t know we wanted in a JL movie! (more on That later…). Zack Snyder was already my hero for bringing Frank Miller’s ‘300’ to glorious life, so anything else he does is just extra icing.

Snyder Cut is a monumental Labor of Love to all of comic book Fandom/Geekdom and really, just filmmaking in general. Everything on the cutting floor added BACK to the original vision and it all worked perfectly! This is what fanboys and girls talk about within our ciphers, adapting comic books in our head (“Oooo, wouldn’t it be cool if THIS happened?!”

In a perfect world, movie studios and Executives green-light adaptations and hand the reins over to the TRUE auteurs and let them totally Geek out! Usually the results work (see, Deadpool and also The Russo Brothers)

But honestly, the Snyder Cut is also a somber love letter to Zack Snyder’s daughter Autumn, who tragically committed suicide back in 2017… while Zack was filming the original Justice League. See, it was Snyder’s sudden departure that brought in Joss Whedon, who ultimately trimmed JL down to the bare bones and stripped away most of Zack’s original vision. 

The truth is, Snyder Cut should have been DC’s answer to Avengers: Infinity War/ Avengers: Endgame – one massive story broken into two historical box office-crushing events! Keeping with DC Infinite Crisis’ tradition, Imagine an alternate reality where Warner Bros did this the RIGHT way – and Justice League was released as a 2-part saga – (my working titles) Justice League, Vol 1: Dark Ascension & Justice League, Vol 2: The Age of Heroes – or something similar. 

We are talking easily $1.5B in box office per movie! Instead we got a major misstep (and financial disaster) followed by this, an insanely awesome correction!

But before I continue gushing over how COLOSSAL Snyder Cut is – I have to say this: The DCEU is a really, really dark and dreary place. I mean…how many different shades of gun-metal/concrete gray are there?! LOL  Right now, Batman is the tone-setter for the entire DC Universe and that is just TOO much grim and brooding all the frickin time! (the new ‘The Batman’ movie goes even grimier!).

 Keep in mind, we MIGHT be getting a Batman Who Laughs on screen within a few years – and things will get unbearably DARKER. Before that happens, DC Comics needs to lighten things up! (and no Harley Quinn doesn’t count)

The DCEU is lacking their version of Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant-Man/Wasp. Something family-friendly and Fun, without a hint of F-Bombs. Throw in some colorful capers and comedy sprinkled in between all the brooding and multiple Crises. 

…what I’m saying is: We NEED A PLASTIC-MAN movie!! 😀 (okay I got that out of my system lol)

Back to Snyder Cut 🙂

Smartly, the Snyder Cut is broken down into 6 chapters, each only 40-minutes. This format feels more like Netflix binging and less like sitting through a continuous 4-hour movie (Tarantino did something similar with ‘The Hateful Eight’)

At this pace, Snyder could develop every crucial part of the story and give each hero plenty of screen-time. This format decision worked particularly well for TWO reasons:

1) A vastly improved Victor Stone storyline became a tota scene-stealer!  I absolutely LOVED CYBORG! 

2) The Flash became more of his own persona and less of ‘I still rather see Grant Gustin’ lol

The last 2 chapters, especially bringing Superman BACK to life and everything that followed, was one big ‘WOW!’ moment. I admit I got emotionally caught up and did a lot of cheering and yelling and applauding! 😛

 The Epilogue Nightmare Chapter itself stands alongside the closing minutes of ‘Rogue One: a Star Wars Story’  as one of the greatest ‘OH SHIT THAT JUST HAPPENED’ :O moments in movie history. I loved the expanded/add-on version (you gotta see to believe)

Overall – Snyder Cut wins on sheer magnitude alone! This is comic book movie nirvana, full of high-octane action and emotional heft! A fanboy’s wet dream of completism. It is an undeniable Classic, and yet… it falls juuuust short of being PERFECT. There are micro-points keeping it from that pinnacle. Unlike Marvel Studios’ epic 22-movie, 13-year run,  Snyder Cut lacks the cohesive buildup to such a monumental moment. The version exists within its own vacuum of amazing, without an ‘Iron Man’ to bookend it. (Tony Stark died and stayed dead.)

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is an absolute MUST SEE movie! Don’t let the 4-hr time throw you off. It flies by on a lazy weekend afternoon. It’s designed for us Binge-babies. 

You’ll enjoy every minute of it. 🙂


4.5/5 stars

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Movie Review: “Coming 2 America” 33 years waiting….was it worth it?

30 Second Review!

It was good to see all the original people return! A Supremely talented cast acting out a so-so script. C2A is basically the old plot with new players. The comedy is unbalanced and at times…kinda buffoonish. It tries to do TOO much to make up for the lost time.


So before the Hater Train leaves the station lol… and before Black Twitter, Bossip, and the United Black Delegation attacks me, let me say that I LOVE the Original movie! John Landis’ 1988 ‘Coming to America’ was a massive success and beloved quotable classic –  a fairy-tale featuring an advanced African culture untouched by colonialism (Wakanda before Wakanda?)

Eddie Murphy’s young Prince Akeem was a pampered Prince of Zamunda exploring the outside world for the first time. The first movie was a mix of ignorant blissful glee… of subtle nuanced jokes mixed with bouts of outrageousness. the comedy timing and direction, all the little side nods and 4th wall breaks were brilliant! Basically, IT WAS PERFECT.

This time around? – Not so much.

Look – I love Eddie Murphy as a comedian, as a filmmaker, as a mogul, and as the maker of many children lol (he has like, 10 so far…). I especially love Eddie Murphy as a Black Man who employs many, many other Black people in Hollywood.

That being said…. I thought this movie was just okay 👌🏽

And hey, despite what the AT&T commercials say – ‘just okay’ is okay! I didn’t HATE it, I just really expected MORE from the 2nd best fictional African country outside of Wakanda 🤷🏽‍♂️😅

But the problem isn’t with THIS movie, per se – the problem is because the original ‘Coming to America‘ was so Dope, when you make an All-Time Classic its hard AF to live up to that.

…Especially 3 decades later. According to Arsenio Hall (Simmi), Eddie never wanted to make this sequel. They should have stuck with that.

C2A tries to do waaaaay too much in short time at the expense of feeling forced, overly stuffed, and with too many ideas. Plus, having a cast of seasoned actors and talented comedians with very little material to go around (Michael Blackson was wasted). At times it comes off outdated and cringey (Imani still hopping and barking? REALLY?? – yeesh)

… and at other times (i hate to say this) – Cartoonish, with sprinkles of buffoonery.  Case in Point: As much as I love and respect Wesley Snipes, maaaan General Izzy, WTF was That?? Smh…

But it wasn’t a TOTAL Hate-Fest lol

Here is what I LIKED about C2A:

The entire original cast returned! Shari Headley (Lisa McDowell/Queen Lisa Joffer) looked AMAZING!

Visually impressive. The costume design definitely topped the original, which itself was very impressive at the time.

Jermaine Fowler, the new actor playing Akeem’s son (Lavell Johnson) was really good.

The ‘My-T-Sharp’ barbershop is STILL the best part of the movie and deserves its own movie! I could listen to them old fools rant for hours! Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate made me laugh out loud.

And Here is what I DIDN’T Like:

30+ years is a loooong time to wait for a sequel. Who was the audience for this movie? Most of us are either dead or hella old lol. I was 13yo when the first one came out. I now have a 19yo in college! LOL

Plot almost exactly like the first movie.

After 33 years Zamunda didn’t seem to change much. It needed more…Wakanda.

Movie felt rushed. One day Akeem discovers he has a son, days later he’s crowning a him the next King of Zamunda. Really??

Was it funny? It had a few funny moments and some funny lines here and there.

Was it heartwarming? Ehh…It was formulaic.

Was it something different and exciting? Not really. the ‘Fish out of Water’ story (Akeem to America) was reversed, sending his bastard son from Queens to Zamunda.

And really interesting… they showed various flashbacks on the original INCLUDING a re-done scene (with DREADFUL digital faces fx. Please stop doing that Hollywood; it looks creepy)

Overall, C2A lacks the charm and innocent ‘fairytale’ whimsy of the first movie. Prince Akeem as a sheltered naif is why the original worked. King Akeem was an out-of-shape, out of touch throwback mimicking his father Joffrey Joffer. This movie tries to remake the original plot with new people and it doesn’t work.

All that being said, ‘Coming 2 America’  isn’t a TOTAL loss; it serves its purpose as a decent ‘Covid-19’ distraction. Something for us to smile about during these awful times. I can’t hate on that!



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COMIC BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Marco from The Kaiju Score, Monster Crime Caper!

Bad Boy Nerd Presents…



1st Appearance: Kaiju Score #1 (2020)

  • It’s the most dangerous heist ever attempted. Four desperate criminals are going all in on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to steal millions in art and turn their miserable lives around. The catch? They have to pull it off under the nose of a one thousand-ton kaiju. And a giant monster might just be the least of their problems.

Kaiju Score was my favorite book of last year and probably THEE most underrated, non-hit/ Sleeper hit flying under the radar! Basically, if Quentin Tarantino did ‘Ocean’s 11’ with the cast and crew of  ‘Reservoir Dogs’ during a Godzilla attack! (I hate that I didn’t think of this first)

The crew is led by Marco, a would-be ‘Criminal Mastermind’ except for one slight detail – all his grand schemes seem to go wrong! Now he is at ropes end with his life on the line! Does he have ONE LAST JOB left in him to clear his name? (and save his head!)

Trust me, there is NOTHING out there like this! As zany as that sounds, every element of this story works! As a standalone crime caper OR a kaiju movie, two equal parts awesome mashed together in the most unlikely way imaginable.

This and other KEY ISSUE BOOKS available online to purchase! 😀

Writer: James Patrick
Artist: Rem Broo
Letters: David Sharpe
Cover: Rem Broo
Editor: Mike Marts
Publisher: AfterShock Comics

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